Thank You
You’re on your way to getting DISC Certified.

Below is what to expect…

To kick things off, we’ve included a copy of the eDISC book, “People Smart: In Business”, that will help you prepare for the class.

What you’ll get within 24 hours:

  1. Calendar Invitation for your 6 Online Sessions with zoom webinar links
  2. Introductory requests email (Please complete within 24hrs)
  3. DISC Certification Program Overview
  4. DISC Leadership Assessment Link
  5. Access to your e-Learning Portal
  6. Access to your DISC Admin Site (for future use)

Requirements to ensure your success through the Program:

  • Pre-work needs to be completed 2 weeks prior to course start date (allow up to 3 hours to complete)
  • Must have zoom video conferencing (all webinar hosted through zoom)
  • Must have working microphone, camera and be in a quiet place during the webinars (webinars are highly interactive)
  • Assignments must be completed on time throughout the Program

“We’re looking forward to helping you be outrageously successful in facilitating DISC!”

Bonnie Burn,
President, Author, Master DISC Facilitation Trainer.
DISCcert Inc.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the DISCcert Team:
Email us at or call at (816)-877-1028