Confirmation on Your DISCcert’s Certificate Refresher

Greetings! Kudos on your commitment to learning even more about DISC and DISC Facilitation.

Within 24 hours, you’ll be receiving your Welcome Email to Get started on your Self-Guided, Refresher DISC Certification Program with the following items:

  1. Email you with instructions on what to specifically forward to your IT Department. (Subject Line: [Important] Welcome to DISCcert’s Certification Refresher)
  2. Call you to answer any of your questions. (She will call the number that is listed on your registration form. See Miranda Contact info below.)
  3. Send you an email with your eLearning Portal access once she receives confirmation that IT Department’s has listed DISCcert’s “information” on safelist.

“We look forward to helping you become even more successful in facilitating DISC!”

Bonnie Burn,
President, Author, Master DISC Facilitation Trainer.
DISCcert Inc.