Master DISC Certified Trainer Program

Program Information

Take DISC deeper into your company culture by expanding your skills as a certified DISC trainer to understand how to leverage the various DISC reports to foster the culture of DISC in your organization.  This program will review and reinforce what you’ve learned from your DISC Certification training.  It will also provide you with a framework design for using the reports with various types of people or groups.  You will get additional tools and resources to implement with our DISC training.  This will provide your learners with better understanding of DISC to make the connections in communicating with others at all levels.

The program for certified DISC trainers is based on four (4) courses to help expand and broaden your knowledge of DISC.  The first course called DISC Advanced Certification is a required prerequisite course.

In order to earn the Master DISC Trainer, you will need to complete the following:

  • DISC Advanced Certification; and,

  • At least two (2) other courses of the following:

    • DISC Leadership Certification

    • DISC Team Certification

    • DISC Sales Certification

DISC Advanced Certification

Program Information

Building on your knowledge as a certified DISC trainer, the DISC Advanced Certification course will help you to explain the DISC combo styles which describes a person’s communication qualities in a slightly different way.  You will also learn more about the various support reports that are available to you in the Admin site.  We will help you understand and be able to explain each report while including activities to help illustrate the communication styles in various situations.  We will look at the wheel plots and help you to understand where everyone is in relation to the energy line. By using the wheel or this visual plot will help give you a better idea of the layout of the team.  Last, you will be given an eLearning tool to help with the delivery of DISC for your users after they have taken their DISC assessment.

DISC Leadership Certification

Program Information

This course will focus on using DISC  and a DISC-Management Model to teach Managers how to manage effectively.  Most people manage according to communication style and call it their management style, but it is actually their DISC Style.  We will also look at “how to manage up” using DISC.  Having a performance curve will help you identify where you should be managing as a leader and where the gaps exist.  Most managers will rarely reflect and look at the where they can bridge the communication with their staff.  You don’t get respect just because you have a title.  DISC helps leaders earn that credibility and respect.  Learn how to use DISC to help you identify the right fit for your employees to get in the “right seat on the bus.”

DISC Team Certification

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A group of people does not make a team.  A productive team is based on trust, respect, and dependability that is often missing in the fabric of many teams.  The DISC Assessment fulfils and exceeds that need.  The DISC bridges the gap between a group of people to a thriving and energizing team.  How do you use DISC in the four (4) stages of team development (forming, storming, norming, and performing)?  How can you use DISC to manage communication effectively rather than spending hours mitigating conflict? This course will show you how to use DISC to help improve productivity with your team through an increase in team morale.

DISC Sales Certification

Program Information

In Sales, it is all about understanding the customer and communicating with them  do you don’t leave the money on the table and close the sale.  This course will focus on leveraging DISC to identify one’s communication style to help you to increase the ratio of growth and sales performance.  You will learn to use the “sell communication” style of your customers by speaking their buying language.  Through the use of the DISC reports and resources, you will learn how to help your sales people recognize one’s communication style to get prospects to buy and upsell your current clients.