DISC Talk Improving Client Relations


Our Featured DISC Certification Grad
Mary Jane Riccardi
Senior Manager, Talent Management

In a recent conversation with Mary Jane Riccardi, she provided us with insights on how she uses DISC to improve client communications. Following are excerpts from that conversation.

Mary Jane

Bonnie Burn (BB): We hear the DISC has made quite an impact at Kleinfelder.

MJ: Yes, we use the DISC in many ways to help solve communication problems and proactively consider communication needs.

BB: Can you give me an example?

MJ: Sure. We have used the DISC very successfully in addressing group communication issues. Through using the DISC assessment on-line and following up with in-person workshops, we have made an impact by helping these groups understand their own personal communication styles and how these play out in their daily work.

BB: This is a great example. Do you have another?

MJ: In addition to internal teamwork, we also promote using DISC concepts in preparation for and during client visits. We created a 30-minute on-line course introducing the DISC. This course includes a skit that simulates a client meeting debrief with a project team. Both the course and the DISC assessment is available to all employees when and where they need it.

BB: Sounds like you’re getting the most out of your DISC Certification.

MJ: DISC really has become an important part of our business.